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Colonel says Cuban official led team that tortured him...

Retired Air Forc
e Col. Ed Hubbard, a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, on Wednesday identified the leader of the Cuban interrogation team that tortured him
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Chronology of Cuban Affairs, 1958-1998
Released by the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, January 12, 1998

The Comandante's Reserves

The lack of transparency of Fidel Castro government in Cuba is very well known. Information about the inner workings of the government, however, is becoming available....

Amnesty International Report on Cuba
Dissidents, who included journalists, political opponents and human rights defenders, suffered severe harassment during the year.     Read More

Human Rights in Cuba
The United States applauds today's decision by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights   Read More

Cuba, Safe Haven for Terrorists
The seven countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism are: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria Read More


Cuba Harbors Terrorists
Three countries courted by the United States for a better relationship -- Iran, Syria and North Korea -- were again branded as sponsors of terrorism by the State Department on Monday along with Cuba, Iraq, Libya and Sudan   Read More


The designation of state sponsors of terrorism by the United States--and the imposition of sanctions--is a mechanism for isolating nations that use terrorism as a means of political expression.   Read More

Castro and Terrorism a Chronology..
"Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees. The U.S. regime is very weak, and we are witnessing this weakness from close up."
Fidel Castro, during his tour of Iran, Syria and Libya.
Agence France Press, May 10, 2001
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Travel to Cuba
Cuba is a developing country with a totalitarian, communist government. The United States has no direct diplomatic relations with Cub

  Fidel Castro is no  longer a threat to the  National Security of the U.S.
This is what the liberal media and special interest groups
want the American people to believ

Cuba spy suspect was rising into senior intelligence ranks
WASHINGTON -- Before her arrest as a spy for Cuba last week, Ana Belen Montes was rising rapidly into the senior ranks of the U.S. intelligence community and appeared to have made a direct impact on U.S. policy Read More


Cuba spy suspect's hearing delayed
WASHINGTON -- Ana Montes, the Pentagon intelligence analyst accused of spying for Cuba, will be defended by the law firm that represented two well-known convicted spies